Cherry blossoms in winter: Prayer Flags for Newark


Prayer Flags for Newark 

Installed December 2016 in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ


As part of Rutgers University of Newark's large-scale public art project - Cherry Blossoms in Winter - this installation is modeled after the ancient practice of Tibetan prayer flags hung to mark important or challenging occasions. “Prayers for Newark” brings spring to the dark of winter through Tibetan-style prayer flags, hand-dyed to replicate the full range of colors that cherry blossom trees produce, and strung among and between dormant cherry blossom trees. According to the Tibetan tradition, prayer flags are hung to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. It is believed that as the flags are shredded by the wind or people moving through space within them, their contents will be released. The flags extend from one tree to another symbolizing the link between individuals in communities and between communities within the city of Newark.